Twenty years ago, a small group of women, inspired by the Washington Women’s Foundation’s concept of women’s large-scale, collective grant making, determined that together they could make a significant difference in our community as well. They dreamed of an organization whose mission was to educate women about the power of collaborative philanthropy.

2005 IWCF Board of Directors

The first meeting took place on September 12, 2001, just one day after the horrific attack on our nation. Thirty-four motivated women joined during that inaugural year. And the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation was born.

IWCF is currently a member of Philanos which began as a group of eight organizations around the country and was also modeled after the Washington Women’s Foundation. In 2009, Philanos gathered in Boise to celebrate the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation’s first million dollars in grantmaking. Today, IWCF is more than 400 strong and as we have grown, so has our ability to make a difference. We have invested more than $4.8 million dollars through both pooled-funds and Individual Grant Designations (IGD).

On September 12, 2021, we will gather for brunch at the Idaho Botanical Garden to celebrate our 20 years of collaborative philanthropy. Please mark your calendars; we hope to see you there!