We are grieved by the senseless murder of George Floyd. His death, and the deaths of so many others, shine a light on the systemic racism and inequity in our country. We want to be clear in condemning these recent acts of police brutality and violence. They represent a disregard for basic human rights that has no place in our society.

We are an organization focused on making a meaningful impact. We support efforts that bring access to basic human rights–financial stability, health, education–and go beyond to enrich people’s lives through access to our beautiful Idaho environment and vibrant cultural arts. We believe we have a greater impact when we collaborate and pool our resources of time, talents and finances. We value that diversity and inclusion lead to sustainability, better decision-making, a more inclusive process and a broader perspective in all the work we do. And we embrace individual differences and similarities, strive for understanding and acceptance of each person’s distinct perspectives and seek to create an environment where individuals feel included, supported, listened to and able to be and do their personal best.

As leaders of IWCF, we find ourselves having critical conversations about the role our work as philanthropists has in addressing bigotry, hatred, racism and other forms of bias. What can we do collaboratively as grantmakers to address system racism and systemic bias? How can you participate in this discussion? Share your ideas and feedback with us by sending an email to information@iwcfboise.org. Get involved with our committees. Participate in upcoming IWCF events, such as our Book Share and Unconscious Bias seminar (dates still being confirmed!). 

There is much work to be done and we certainly don’t have all the answers. Yet we believe that our work as philanthropists is part of the solution and are uncomfortably excited about the responsibility and opportunity we have to meaningfully impact our community for good.