At IWCF, we encourage our members to be mindful of their health and the health of their families. In that regard, our Board and committees are holding all necessary meetings over Zoom or conference call; we have cancelled our Annual meeting and rescheduled it for September in conjunction with our Anniversary Party; and we are still planning to hold our 2020 Symposium on October 13th. We will continue to monitor our city, county, state and federal guidelines, rules and regulations to ensure we are in compliance.

This week we will contribute just over $215,000 to 12 Southwestern Idaho organizations. The initial checks will be distributed in early May, just not in the same celebratory manner as we have done at our Annual Meeting in the past.  We are looking into the possibility of having an on-line celebration with them shortly after the awards are announced, and continue that celebration at our combined Annual Meeting/Anniversary Party in September.

Additionally, our very competent and hardworking office staff, while working from home over the last 6 weeks, have been able to process 285 Individual Grant Designations to 124 organizations in Idaho resulting in $100,000 into Southwestern Idaho communities. COVID-19 and being quarantined doesn’t stop us from continuing to do good work for and with nonprofits!

Our IWCF community is a mix of friends, acquaintances and strangers, but we are a community who is willing and available to support one another. Do you need someone to pick up some items at the grocery store for you? Are you running low on toilet paper or some other essentials? Need help finding a face mask? Would you just like some social connection? Are you willing to help others? Would you like to host or attend a virtual coffee, happy hour or book club? How can we help each other during this difficult time?

Ask: If you need support with groceries, essentials, even just a social connection, click HERE.

Offer: If you would like to help pick up groceries, run errands, provide a friendly chat, click HERE.

We want you to have the opportunity stay safe yet to remain engaged and connected. If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact us at or (208) 343-4923.

For a list of precautions that we can all individually take, there are a number of resources – the CDC is one of them

Please take care of yourselves… we value your contribution, time and talents.