Monday, September 20, 2021

Positive Change Through Thoughtful Giving

Join us anytime throughout the year to make a difference!

Your Commitment

We believe investing in our community is a rewarding journey. We encourage you to join us at IWCF and consider a three-year commitment. Three years will provide you with a solid knowledge of the organization, enhance your experience, and show you the impact of your giving. Learn, get involved and exercise your philanthropy!

Note for 2020-2021: now more than ever, our community needs the collaborative giving of IWCF! In response to the challenges of 2020, IWCF recognizes that individually you may be struggling as well. Thus, for this membership cycle we are piloting a new membership option at $625. As always it will be fully tax deductible with $500 applied to the Pooled-fund Grants and the rest to IWCF Operations. You may still opt to support at the $1,125 level, to also include your Individual Grand Designation, helping provide even greater community impact.

IWCF members contribute $1,125 annually. The entire amount is tax deductible.

is credited to the pooled-fund
for the grants process

is directed to the nonprofit(s) of the member’s choosing, either in a single donation of $500 or in two distributions of $250 each

funds IWCF administrative expenses

Get Engaged

Learn about your community and about us. IWCF offers a variety of opportunities for members to serve through committees; learn through IWCF education events held quarterly; and network with other members, grantee organizations, and others.

“IWCF is an organization in whose mission I strongly believe. I consider belonging to IWCF a gift to myself — an opportunity to be a part of the greater voice of philanthropy.”
– Mindy Plumlee

Members listen to Stella Schneider
IWCF Service Day at Bee City 3.7.18

Our Mission

Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation fosters educated philanthropy through collaboration, pooled resources and individual giving to positively impact the community.

“I think of philanthropy as the glue that binds our community together and builds a strong foundation for future progress – IWCF is very good at applying that glue.” – Alice Hennessey

“I love being part of an organization of women who strive to be as effective as possible in their giving, who are dedicated to life-long learning about philanthropy, and who dream big about the kind of impact we can have in Idaho.” – Deb Holleran

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

We believe diversity encompasses the whole human experience: culture, skills, education, economic status, age, race, gender identity, sexual identity, abilities, religion, life experiences and more. These result in the unique perspectives and differences that, when used collectively, can amplify IWCF’s impact. Inclusion is crucial to our work and helps us better understand, connect with, and serve our community. We listen to our members and community nonprofits, aspire to eradicate barriers to success, and recognize our role in creating more equitable opportunities in membership and grant giving so our Idaho communities thrive.

IWCF | 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Workshop Speaker, Angela Taylor

How We Do This

  • Educating our members about significant community needs and how their financial contributions help to meet these needs
  • Funding projects prioritized by our members with pooled-fund grants to address community needs
  • Raising the visibility of the impact of major philanthropic gifts to effect change in our community
  • Funding across a broad spectrum of community needs and member interests: Cultural Arts, Education, Environment, Financial Stability and Health

“Any member you meet in IWCF shares the bond of giving to our community. Though we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, we are all united by our philanthropy to make our community a better place.”
– Linda Perez

Our Pooled-Fund Grants

IWCF seeks to fund carefully planned and skillfully executed projects, programs, services, or items that:

  • Address critical needs in Southwestern Idaho
  • Offer innovative and creative approaches to community challenges
  • Include plans for sustainability beyond IWCF funding