Positive Change Through Thoughtful Giving

2019-2020 IWCF Board of Directors

Membership Overview

Educated philanthropy is WORKING in our community, thanks to our Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation members. In May, we awarded eight new pooled-fund grants totaling $291,917 to bring our total charitable investment to over $4.4 million since 2002.  This achievement was only possible with the membership’s generosity and commitment to IWCF.

In 2016, the membership voted to launch a new pooled-grant fund area to address a special need category “above and beyond” our traditional five grant interest areas. The first Above and Beyond Grant was awarded to Valley Regional Transit for Village Vans to help very- and extremely-low income people unable to access standard bus operations get to work.  This year’s recipients, Desert Sage Health Centers and Hacker Middle School received, $59,642 and $60,000, respectively — our largest single investments to date.

Since IWCF invests in projects serving a broad spectrum of Idahoans, it is incumbent upon us to get a variety of voices at our IWCF table in order to understand our grantees’ needs and to widen our sphere of influence as philanthropy advocates. We seek members from across southwestern Idaho, believing diversity adds strength and purpose to our giving.

Over $4.4 million in charitable giving since 2002

Membership Opportunities

As a member, you need to donate annually to IWCF to fund grants, submit the allocation for your Individual Grant Designation and vote to award pooled grants. However, we encourage you to enrich your own personal IWCF experience by:

  • Getting involved on a committee or short-term project
  • Attending an education and social event
  • Inviting one new member join IWCF to grow our giving – we don’t fundraise, we member raise!

Please consider attending one of our upcoming events to learn more about IWCF.

Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation believes placing value on the principles of diversity and inclusion leads to sustainability, better decision-making, a more inclusive process and a broader perspective in all we do to live our Mission. We embrace individual differences and similarities, striving for understanding and acceptance of each person’s distinct characteristics. We seek to create an environment where individuals feel included, supported, listened to and able to do their personal best.