Saturday, July 31, 2021

Positive Change Through Thoughtful Giving

Committees are open to new members throughout the year and all members are welcome to join. Please consider sharing your time and talents with IWCF!

CLICK HERE to join or nominate another member. 

IWCF Committees

Education Committee:  

Plans educational events to increase awareness of community needs and assets, and inspire continued philanthropic involvement. Meetings are held monthly August through May.

Events Committee:

This group of members coordinates logistics for IWCF events.

Finance Committee: 

Advises and plans for the organization’s financial stability and sustainability.

Governance Committee:

Provides guidance to the Board to foster best management practices.

Grants Committee:

Researches, evaluates and selects applications from nonprofit organizations to be presented to the membership as finalist ballot choices for awards from our pooled grant fund. The committee begins its research in December and meets through May.

Grants Steering Committee: 

Provides continuity and long-term strategy for grants.  Meets September through May. One year of Grants Interest Area committee work recommended.

Leadership Development Committee: 

Leadership development committee provides board training to board members, seeks, identifies and recruits board and committee members and submits that slate of officers and board members annually for membership vote. Updates job descriptions, provides orientation and ongoing board training.  Meetings are held mainly January – March.

Marketing & Communication Committee:

Communications and marketing committee develops and creates strategies to present IWCF to members and to the community and to inform them of our activities.

Membership Committee: 

Plans activities to cultivate new members and to retain members. If you would like to host a membership event, or know of a potential new member, please let Susan Smith know.


Plans, executes and maintains work processes, procedures and workflow procedures for the organization.