A big thanks to our participants at IWCF’s first grants panel. As different as our nonprofits are in the guests and communities they serve, our panelists shared how they are coping with 2020 and how they are working everyday to meet people where they are at in terms of learning and services, how the word PIVOT has become the brand of 2020 from fundraising to performances, and how although this is a difficult time, they are all working, not just to get back to normal but to get somewhere better.

For more information about our participants here are their websites.
Opera Idaho: http://operaidaho.org
Wassmuth Center for Human Rights: https://wassmuthcenter.org
Cascade Medical Center: http://www.cascademedicalcenter.net
Idaho Humanities Council: https://www.idahohumanities.org

CLICK HERE to watch the full recording of our grants panel.