Nicole Patterson has over 20 years of experience as an HR professional, working across many domains, including learning & development, staffing, benefits, analytics, operations, compliance and as an HR generalist. She spent nearly 15 years at Google, where she built and led teams responsible for a variety of global HR programs, including the team that developed the candidate assessment and structured interviewing techniques highlighted in the best-selling book, Work Rules! In addition to Nicole’s professional experiences as a Google business leader and manager, she developed and coached Googlers working for her and across the company. 

Nicole has her own consulting practice, where she uses her passion to support people as they learn, grow and adapt to change–both professionally and personally. Nicole’s focus is twofold:

  1. Partnering with leaders and managers as they run their business, lead their teams and create the culture where people learn, grow and perform their best, and 
  2. Supporting individuals with their own growth–whether it’s increasing self-awareness, changing mindsets and behaviors, pursuing new professional opportunities, or experiencing life transitions.

After 20 years in Silicon Valley, Nicole and her family moved to Boise, ID in August 2017, where she now lives two doors down from her sister’s family. She is a certified coach by the Hudson Institute of Coaching, International Coach Federation and is a Gallup-trained StrengthsFinder coach. She serves on the board of the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation as the Chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and is inspired by the opportunity IWCF members have to amplify our impact through collective giving and work in our community. Nicole and her husband, Matt, a seasoned entrepreneur, lead an active family of three children, two cats and one dog…and some days they do it better than others.

Denise Caruzzi is an independent Consultant who spent 25+ years working and learning in organizations across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and U.S.  She has worked in 30+ countries, led her own distributed teams, coached others to success in their global business settings, and shared expatriate living with her three children.

Prior to beginning her consulting practice, Denise held global corporate positions in Human Resources, Talent Management, and Organization Development. She led the implementation of a multi-discipline corporate university, developed diversity and inclusion programs (including employee affinity groups), and designed and implemented leadership programs within organizations. She is passionate about the leader’s position in inspiring and sustaining teams that make a difference. 

In her consulting practice, Denise continues to work cross-industry in the private sector, as well as in public and non-profit organizations.  Her practice focuses on whole systems, the integration of personal and business values, the clarification of key success metrics and strategies that are both aligned and sustainable. Her passion is connecting people—across cultures, across borders, and across perspectives—as her contribution to world peace!

Denise chose to base her life and work in Boise for its quality of life, the proximity of her family, grand puppy, and her extended “chosen” family….and the opportunities to engage in building community.