Positive Change Through Thoughtful Giving

The Year in Education

The IWCF Education Committee strives to increase awareness and understanding of the community’s needs and assets through programs presented for our members and guests.  In 2018-2019 our programs focused on Financial Stability, Philanthropy, and Diversity. Our goal is to increase understanding of community issues and to increase member commitment to informed philanthropy.

Current Chair:  Sherry Bithell

2018-2019 IWCF Education Presentations

October 16:

The Education Committee arranged six Symposium workshop sessions led by local experts.

November 6:

In partnership with the Idaho Nonprofit Center, we celebrated National Philanthropy Day and recognized honored IWCF Members

Molly GuentherMember-at-Large

January 30:

IWCF members learned “How the Growing Imbalance in Wealth and Income Affects the Community and You.” This presentation was led by IWCF member Molly Guenther.

Angela Taylor speaking

February 28:

We joined forces with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to present our first workshop on the power of diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds to promote innovation and creativity. The presentation was led by the nationally recognized leadership and diversity trainer Angela Taylor.