Friday, July 23, 2021

Positive Change Through Thoughtful Giving

The Year in Education

The IWCF Education Committee strives to increase awareness and understanding of the community’s needs and assets and to increase our member commitment to informed philanthropy through programs presented for our members and guests. In 2019-2020 our programs focused on Cultural Arts, Health, and Philanthropy.

Current Chair:  Sherry Bithell

2019-2020 IWCF Education Presentations

October 1:

The Education Committee arranged for a fun and educational experience as we learned more about the Cultural Arts of Idaho at the Idaho Historical Museum. The evening included a presentation by Janet Gallimore, Executive Director of the Idaho Historical Society, as well as tours of the museum and time for socializing.

January 28:

“The Shoe That Grows — Entrepreneurial Philanthropy in Africa.” IWCF members were enthralled as we listened to speaker Kenton Lee share his philosophy on being observant of the people around him and “making things better by making better things” which led to the development of his nonprofit, The Shoe That Grows.


November 6:

An IWCF educational luncheon was held at the Riverside Hotel where we listened to a panel of speakers who presented a program on the “Precarious State of Mind: A forthright discussion of anxiety, depression and risk behaviors/suicide in Idaho.”