2021 – Jesse Tree: Funding New Security Deposit Program – $30,000

Jesse Tree will create a newly developed Security Deposit Assistance Program (SDA) for informally housed/gap clients to prevent homelessness. Funds support case management and housing navigation services through the hire of two housing navigation coordinators, employee training, the purchase of computer and DocuSign equipment, and preparation and mailing of marketing materials.

2020 – Boise Bicycle Project: Project Kickstand — $27,500

Project Kickstand, a program which teaches incarcerated men how to fix kids’ bicycles while earning their own bicycles for future needs, will be brought to the Idaho Department of Corrections men’s facilities.  This is an expansion of a successful program that was used in a women’s prison which could lead to future job placement and could also significantly increase the amount of bicycles BBP provides to teens.

2020 – LEAP Charities: Homeownership For All – Yes You Can — $25,000

LEAP created the Yes You Can homebuyer program (YYC) to assist vulnerable populations achieve housing stability through overcoming barriers to homeownership (such as low income, credit, first-time buyer, language, etc). Experienced staff provide problem-solving, and create an individualized plan, connecting clients to education, credit counseling, and downpayment assistance.  These funds will move this program forward allowing them to become sustainable for the future.

2019 – International Rescue Committee: Spark – Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) Program — $30,000

Spark promotes economic self-sufficiency for refugees with the highest barriers to employment through language, literacy, and math skills education. This grant will fund the delivery of a vocational English as a second language (VESL) class that integrates English instruction with financial literacy, job readiness, and social wellness curriculum and activities.

2018 – Interfaith Sanctuary: Work Program – $30,000

The requested funding will be utilized to expand the work program. Boise Parks & Rec. will be adding two additional crews from our shelter which is an additional 10-12 new participants. We will also begin a new work program partnership with Boise State University which will allow us to help more of our unemployed homeless guests get back to work. Additional funding will be needed to cover the new costs associated with adding new crews which includes; transportation, nutrition, case management and fees associated with getting our guests prepared to get back to work.

2017 – Intermountain Fair Housing Council: Housing Justice Center Project – $30,000

The IFHC Housing Justice Center will educate the public about legal processes, rights and strategies for addressing hate and housing issues and provide legal services to people experiencing discriminatory housing. Affordable, healthy and safe housing is the crux of and critical for everyone’s financial stability, but especially for vulnerable people.

2017 – Love INC Boise: Donation Station Expansion Project – $25,000

Love INC has doubled its ministry partners and families served in the past two years. This grant will expand its Donation Station facility to receive, renovate and re-purpose donations and provide the capacity for Love INC to grow exponentially.

2016 – Idaho Diaper Bank: Diaper Need:  A Hidden Consequence of Poverty — $30,000

A Virtual Warehousing Model and Online Fundraising Platform for Providing Diapers Having something as simple as diapers gives low-income families a glimpse of hope, allows them to keep their babies healthy, helps prevent maternal depression and allows limited resources to go toward other basic needs such as food, rent and gas. It can also result in greater opportunity for a baby to go to daycare, so mom and/or dad can secure a job. 

2015 – Feed the Gap, Inc.: Safety Net for Hungry Children in Boise Schools — $30,000

To close the food gap for 8,000 children who would otherwise go hungry because of their parents’ financial instability, IWCF is partnering with the Boise School District to identify and feed them for three years through this grant. This support goes to schools that do not qualify for federal assistance. The three-year program will help children be ready to learn and protect them from being turned away in their cafeteria.

2015 – Good Samaritan Home: Building Renovation Repair Beautification Project — $30,000

Thanks to IWCF, the 72-year-old Good Samaritan Home will receive much-needed improvements to its 18,800-square-foot facility, which houses low-income veterans, seniors, and men and women with disabilities — people who otherwise might not have a place to live. The home is seriously in need of repairs generally, especially replacement of badly worn flooring in the main traffic areas.

2014 – Artisans4Hope (A4H): Growth and Development – $18,543

A4H will use IWCF funds to buy commercial sewing machines and other equipment needed to develop refugees’ marketable textile skills. Some of the grant funds also will be applied to personnel costs for expanding the A4H training program.

2013 – Idaho Law Foundation: New American Law Academy – $13,500

Refugees attend classes that instruct them in American Law practices which are relevant to their lives.

2013 – Usful Glassworks: Building Capacity, Maximizing Efficiency, and Streamlining Methodology – $25,000

This project trains homeless, those recently released from prison and refugees for the job market. The organization has a very high job placement record for those trained. This grant involves a redesign of the facility to allow for a 50% increase in the production of high quality glassware, and a corresponding increase in the number of participants served. (Formerly Sustainable Futures.)

2012 – Create Common Good: STIR Transforming Lives through Culinary Training – $25,000

CCG prepares refugees for employment, while providing the community with gourmet food products and catering. IWCF funding will support self-sufficiency programs for this vulnerable population through job placement in the foodservice industry.

2012 – Boise Bicycle Project: Commuter Work and Ride Program – $12,000

BBP’s “Work and Ride” program is designed to make it possible for adults and teens to receive bicycle repair, equipment and training to commute safely to work, school and essential daily activities.

2011 – Microenterprise Training and Assistance: Advancing Lives through Microenterprise Assistance $25,000

Establishes an ongoing, revolving loan fund specifically targeting low­-income women in Ada and Canyon counties, also providing them with training technical assistance in business planning.

2010 – The Momentum Group: Common Ground Training Program ­­- $24,000

Support operations of a farming micro­enterprise that employs refugees for additional on-­the-­job training as well as produce food for their families and foodbank clients.

2010 – Women’s and Children’s Alliance: Treasure Valley Domestic Violence Collaboration – $26,500

Seed money for teaching financial literacy skills to victims of domestic violence in order to free them from economic dependency and financial exploitation.

2009 – Interfaith Sanctuary Housing Services: Building Improvements – $17,000

Special grant to support operations of a nonprofit experiencing higher demand and lower donations due to the economic recession.

2008 – Baby Steps: The Step­ Up Academy – ­­ $24,000

Educational series that helps low ­income mothers identify and develop their individual strengths and job skills.

2007 – Idaho Law Foundation: Family Law Assistance ­­- $25,000

Provided start-up costs for developing the Sound Start program to assist low-income single parents with legal issues regarding child custody, visitation and support.

2006 – Life’s Kitchen: Correctional Youth Life Skills ­­ – $25,000

Funding for a program that transitions youth from the juvenile correction system back into the community through culinary and life skills.

2006 – Mountain States Group, Inc: Community Gardens of Boise – $10,000

Allowed for the establishment of more garden sites that are heavily utilized by Boise’s refugee population.

2004 – El Ada Community Action Partnership: Services Enhancement Project – $15,000

Funding enabled improvement of services to women, disabled people, and disenfranchised youth who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless.