2021 – Ada County Soil & Conservation District: Treasure Valley Pollinator Project — $20,000

The Treasure Valley Pollinator Project will plant 64,000 flowering species specifically chosen for encouraging pollinators, and provide education to thousands of community members about what makes a pollinator habitat successful. Funds will support a part-time entomologist to provide field day education, assist in pollinator identification on social media and help with citizen science engagement. Funds will also be used to design educational materials, event promotion, and printing cost of materials.

2020 – Idaho Botanical Garden: Water Conservation Stewardship Initiative — $20,335

The grant funds will be used to upgrade the irrigation systems at the Idaho Botanical Garden to  better conserve water and serve as an example of best watering practices in the Treasure Valley. A water-efficient irrigation exhibit will compare and contrast different water-conserving irrigation systems, and hold classes for homeowners and landscape professionals about irrigation systems and other water-wise horticultural practices.

2019 – Payette Children’s Forest: The Birds & the Bees + Bats & Butterflies! — $30,000

In addition to enhancing populations of long billed curlews, monarchs, bees and bats, this project will connect area schools to each other, foster youth conservation leadership, and give students the tools to make sound stewardship decisions. More than 400 rural youth in Adams, Valley and Washington Counties will engage in this ongoing place-based outdoor education per year.

2018 – Friends of MK Nature Center: Re-signage of the MK Nature Center – $25,000

This project will provide a comprehensive and integrated upgrade of all the educational/interpretive, informational and welcoming signage at the MK Nature Center. This upgrade will provide an important educational support for the hundreds of tours given annually for schools and for the many thousands of individuals and families who visit the Nature Center as well as enhance the Nature Center’s attractiveness and public appeal. Our goal is to make signage uniform, lively and accessible; to utilize color, design and texture for multi-sensory learning; and to engage visitors visually, intellectually, and emotionally.

2018 – Greenspeed Research: Renewable Energy Innovation Hub – $30,000 over two years

Greenspeed Research runs a modern manufacturing STEM facility focused on renewable energy development. To ignite high school and college student interest in renewable energy and spur on new alternative fuel discoveries, Greenspeed wants to expand use of their facility as a community innovation hub. Using our showcase SolarGo Kart program to pique student interest in renewable energy, Greenspeed Research will provide support, equipment and mentorship for teachers/students and small start-ups to pursue their own research projects.

2017 – Bee City USA Garden City: Garden City Pollinator Habitat – $21,500

Garden City Pollinator Habitat will call attention to the serious threats to pollinators and inspire people to take action. In a beautiful garden, visitors will learn about bees, watch them work in wooden bee houses and learn how to help them.

2016 – Treasure Valley Food Coalition: Boise Farmers Market Mobile Unit — $30,000

Our food system has an enormous impact on the environment. Local farmers using sustainable farming practices can help mitigate environmental degradation, but only if they have markets for their produce. Many consumers, especially those of low income, find it difficult to access these foods. This request funds the purchase and retrofit of a shuttle bus to create a mobile farmers market, similar to a bookmobile, providing access to more Ada County residents. 

2015 – Council School District: Council Rural Environmental Stewardship Team — $23,500

This IWCF grant will bring together Council’s school, community and area to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly park and pond. As the 240 students apply inquiry-based learning to real watershed problems, they will gain job skills, receive training in job application and make contacts with forest industry employers. In this financially depressed area, CREST’s work will benefit both locals and visitors for many years.

2014 – Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS): Education Facility – $29,714.50

Partnering with the City of Boise Parks and Recreation Dept. and a family foundation, BUGS will use IWCF funds to add a commercial kitchen to its new education facility, which will serve low-income youth and their families in west Boise.

2013 – Southwest Mountain Biking Association: Better utilization of volunteers to build environmentally sustainable trails for use by anyone who loves to hike, bike, or run – $20,000

By purchasing a Single-Track 240 high-tech mini-bulldozer to rough cut new mult-iuse trails, SWIMBA will be able to build more miles of trails for nonmotorized use more efficiently and with minimal environmental and visual impact.

2012 – The Peregrine Fund: Environmental Contaminants: What can we learn? – $23,000

This new exhibit will educate visitors about how birds of prey provide early warning signs for identifying environmental threats to humans.

2011 – Sustainable Futures: Doubling Recycling Glass Production Capacity and Efficiency ­­- $20,000

This program addresses two issues: doubling the capacity for glass recycling in Southwest Idaho society and providing job training and counseling to enable paroled women to enter the workforce. (Currently Ūsful Glassworks.)

2010 – Canyon County Habitat for Humanity: Truck Purchase –­­ $14,000

Purchase a hydraulic lift truck which will be used to pick up donations/make deliveries for the ReStore business.

2009 – Land Trust of the Treasure Valley: Star River Walk – ­ $20,000

Build a designated public trail along the Boise River in Star, ID, construct a small bridge, install interpretive signage, and provide safe access for recreation.

2008 – Boise Watershed Exhibits: Welcome Basin Exhibit – ­­ $25,000

Funded an educational exhibit that introduces visitors to the Boise Watershed Environmental Education Center.

2007 – Women’s Voices for the Earth: Toxins in the Home Bilingual Outreach – ­­$10,000

Supported a new outreach initiative educating women working in service businesses about the potential hazards of the job materials they use and how to minimize their health risks.

2005 – Bogus Basin Lifetime Sports Education Foundation: Trail Lighting Project – $12,333

Helped to finish illuminating a five-­kilometer Nordic trail with state-­of-­the-­art, solar-­powered lights.